Friday, May 23, 2008

I Hate Politics!!!

As the Malaysian polititic's scenario becomes a laughingstock to the rest of the world, I am feeling its similarity to the one's in my current workplace...(may be I am the only one's laughing!!! Hahaha)

Most things happen in front of my eyes..Sometimes I do not understand the head or tail of the situation, but I am somewhat being pulled to be involved and give my opinion.. (and how could I give my personal, honest and best opinion if I dunno wat's goin' on??). Funny how things are sometimes... Mahathir keluar UMNO dan implikasi ke atas kepimpinan Pak Lah.. Even though noone's opting out here, the leadership of this company is at stake.. very much at stake..

I personally feel that the ship lacks of unity amongst its people. Everybody's too busy maximizing what they can get out of the situation...and some are too busy to notice what's going on...either too dumb or indifference and could'nt be bothered. I am not blaming the latter as (I am one of them!) eventhough if they care and tried to do something about it, noone would listen. by the end of the day, you are back to square 1!! + Frustrated!!

The main character to pull everyone in one direction seems to be occupied with other things with no strategic plan to play the game.. And even though his spot is shaky, yet he has no plan to improve the situation.

Quoting Liza n d gang : 'Apa yang penting - KeRjASaMa!!!


(This was actually written on May 23rd.. I tot I would want to prolong this piece of writing but... save it till laterla.. hehehe)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

In the Seek of Happiness

What's more depressing??

1. Single (regardless by choice or otherwise).
2. Married but no children.
3. Married but you cant depend on ur husband.
4. Married with children but you figure out that he's not the one.
5. Married but during ur confinement, he has an affair.
6. Married with children, and he has an affair (most common!!)

Well I believe that rezki orang lain-lain and people also define happiness differently...
It's a subjective matter!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well.. it has been a long time since I wrote in here! Yeah I know.. I got only myself to blame.. and again.. the same excuse : TIME!!

A dear friend of mine actually reminded me abt the existence of this blog yesterday and therefore, I am obligated to at least write somethg in here this morning as my last entry was in what?? February?? Gosh.. how time really flies...

Anyway, good things have happened these few months.. (this is because I refuse to remember the bad ones.. ;)) ). Hehehe.. Anyway, yesterday, despite the fact that someone else's boss gave me an assignment (and I couldn't say no because he's the CEO!!), was kinda good news in overall.. My previous boss is named as the BIG BIG boss at the ministry level!! P.Radin becomes the new KP JPT di KPT!!! Cool..

I just wonder what would happen to MIROS.. And for the first time.. I saw the hikmah me not moving there with him to MIROS early last year.. (but then if I did, it's only 1/2 year before my term finishes in MIROS and I can always come back to UPM..)... eventhough i've been told numerous times '..ada hikmahnya tu..' and what other people saw mostly is when I got promoted.. ontahlah... I guess what i want is a bit different from what others want kot...huhuhuhu..

I congratulate him for the new appointment yesterday.. he replied get ready as I will get his smses from now on.. hahaha it was funny because when he left, I smsed him that I'm gonna miss his smses.. Just cant believed that he remembered hahaha.. Anyway, hehehe another chance to do professional attachment in KPT!! Yippieeeee!!!!!

I guess setiap apa yang berlaku memang ada hikmahnya.. Dan jika kita fokus terlalu lama pd kekecewaan kita tu.. sampai bila2 pun kita tak nampak hikmah di depan mata.. jadi kenalah redha dengan apa yang Allah dah tulis untuk kita dan move on... Juga sentiasa berfikir yang watever happens, it happens for the best.. may be not for us...but we can always be happy for others... betul tak Mie?? hehehe

As for now.. I am happy with how things are.. a lot more to ask Allah but I am contented with what He has given me.. Alhamdulillah...

Oklah.. again, I am pledging to write as often as I could.. but only TIME will tell hehehe...