Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just a simple update..

I got a lot of things in my head... Rumah kampung, Langkawi trip next week, UK trip next month, etc etc.. and time seems to be my biggest enemy now...

But I dont want to deal with those things yet!!
I watched two movies last nite - a marathon huhu and yet still couldnt find the slot to watch Hancock!! And looking forward for Dark Night! Huhuhu And I'd better watch them before my Langkawi trip!! Else i'll miss them!

Life's good in general! I went for working trip to Bintulu and Kuching last week with Boss and cant help feeling that last week was my most unproductive working time as I personally feel that I could accomplish a lot should I stay in the office and maybe time would not be so cruel to me now... But I had the chance to listen to my ex-boss chairing a meeting and I had the satisfaction that even though a lot of people (his people) ignored me during the meeting, he came over to me and asked how I was.. and then only they realised that I was THAT officer hahaha... and I learnt in a hard way that I really miss working for / with him. I cant help but to compare my current bosses with him and what I actually missed out...huhuhu. As much as I know everything happens, happens for a reason..and keep telling myself that I have moved on..

Anyway, I cant succumb to what I am feeling and miss all the fun now. Must be able to face the fact that I'm here, and still be here in ten years time (insya allah).. I am sure there are a lot of things that I can look forward to.. am sure I'll be orite..