Sunday, August 10, 2008

Something Always Happened at this Time of Every Year

Hehehe who would have thought.. Me in UK?? Just like a dream but dreams do come true if you are persistent enuf.. However, I dont think that I am persistent but I guess it pays off to focus on your goal and work on it - the magic word is - the goal!!!

Anyway, I am writing this to remind myself how my life has been blessed. There were hiccups along the way but I believe they are to make me who or what I am today - a better person I hope!!! It has been 10 years since I graduated my first degree.. After July 98, I keep a close look on my life during these three months : August, September & October and every year good / or not and unexpected things happen to me. I knew things would happen somewhere near or after my birthday which falls on September 15. Let me just list them down:

1998 - Graduation in July, started my career as English Lecturer (my first official job!) in Lagenda College, Langkawi on August 13, despite Bapak said no. I had a 'paid vacation' but thank god I was back to the mainland by Feb 99. Just cant stay away from home hehehe

1999 - This was the most devastating year in my life ~ Bapak passed away on 22nd September - a week after my birthday. There wont be a day passes by without me missing him.. Dont even know when this pain will subside. People say time heals but losing Bapak is the pain I still could feel and always brought tears in my eyes. I carried him in my heart every single day and at times like this I wish I could just hug him one more time, or hear his laugh or feel his hand on my head.. Alfatihah, moga Bapak ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yang beriman...

2000 - September ~ I got a work with Medical Online in Jln. Yap Kwan Seng.. dunno what happen to this company now!!
October ~ I got a new job with Asia Pacific Institute of IT in Damansara. The pay was good but the cost of living had also increased as I work in 'high class area' huhuhu

2001 - October ~ I bought my car - SATRIA WJN 4569 of which I really love!!! I ordered 0n August 31, but got the car on the October 13th.

2002 - September ~ I got a job with UPM. Well, another chapter of my working life (and I would think would be a long one) .....

2003 - Can remember what happen this year.. huhuhu (may be the sign of aging..) - was is mak was operated for hip replacement ka?? Ontahlah...

2004 - I think i met with an accident - cant really remember the details...

2005 - Kene saman polis 2 kali due to speeding huhuhu

2006 ~ October ~ I was transferred to a new department in the office. I was (and til now!!) appointed as the Special Officer to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International) and had the privillage to work with and amazing and aspiring leader.. well it would be a different book if I were to write about Prof. Radin huhuhuhu.

2007 ~ A lot of good things happened to me during these months this year. Gonna just list them down:
1. I passed my PTK 2
2. I got promoted (in July actually!!!)
3. I graduated in Master of Corporate Communication
4. I got Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang
5. There's sth but I can figure out what!! Ohhh yeah - got to travel to Taiwan with Boss!!

2008 ~ Am in UK for a good 3 weeks (9-30th August 2008) - who would have thought?? and I am writing this in august! More things may happen in September and October so I am crossing my fingers!! Huhuhu

Anyway, my point is.. terlalu banyak yang perlu disyukuri. Let's be thankful with what we have instead of complaining what we dont have!!!


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