Monday, February 18, 2008

Viral Fever

I am not well.. It has been a week since I was struck by cough, flu, fever (almost gone now...) and it's making me weak. My running nose is impossible. Last Thursday and Friday were the worst, my head was spinning and on Thursday, I was the MC for a function at university's level.. can you believe it! And my voice was unbelievably hoarse.. my gosh.. but I endured the pain, the fever, the spinning.. and went thru the day.. Thanks to the Almighty God for giving me the strength.. and now I am still suffering from the fever but Alhamdulillah.. getting better... Thanks to KMala for taking me to the PK the other day.. I guess a lot of people cares for me as much as I care for others.. ye ke?? huhuhu

I guess I'd better focused on my health rather than my sickness.. huhuhuhu


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