Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Exploration

Salam to myself.. I guess I'll be the only one reading my own blog anyway.. I would consider this my diary. A lot of things to share (don't even know with whom but at least I am pouring my heart out..hehehe) but at least with this blog I am able to tract my definite feeling at the time of writing. Anyway, this blog thingy is new to me.. I got inspired as I was reading a friend of mine anf I found it's necessary to jot down wat happens to me along the course of my life.. Furthermore, probably this is my only way to share with pople around the globe.. ehh this blog works this way ka?? Dunnolah.. but anyway, whoever reads this, I hope u have fun and able to learn at least something from your time reading this piece of my mind...

Today was a good day in the first half!. I had fun playing paint ball with my officemates. Even though my group lost all the three games, still it was fun.. After analyzing the similarities of the game (the strategy etc...) with my personality, I realized that I kept on doing the same thing - the first two games, I went to the same spot and even when knowing that it didn't work. Why was that? But then again, I was ready to change strategy (during the third game) when the marshalls changed field.. Haiyaaa how to strategise la?? But as what life offers me.. it was all trial and error basis..taking risks (which I have not done for quite some time now..), opening up my horizons (in which I personally feel that it is already widened.. ontahlah.. may be I just wanna write it down..). Dah la kalah, kene kutuk kaw2 punya dgn group lagi satu... hampehhhh betul...tapi biarkan... today is theirs...huhuhuhuhu

2nd half of the day was really a challenge for me. For the first time, I felt so empty and bored to death. I CANNOT sleep - even I dunno wat happen to me..gosh.. tossing here and there but still sleep did not come!! Hampehhhh so much for the rest that I needed!!! And believe it or not there was NOTHING good on tv!!!

Thus, these unfortunate incidents led me to create this blog. Thanks to my boss for giving me the mobile internet for my usage. I apologise not fully using it for office matters but I gurantee that anything that u want me to do, I'll do it right the first time!! Hahaha yelah tu!!

That's it for now.. going for my isya' but a lot to explore in this blog... and also a lot to write... So i'll be back soon!!!


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