Friday, May 23, 2008

I Hate Politics!!!

As the Malaysian polititic's scenario becomes a laughingstock to the rest of the world, I am feeling its similarity to the one's in my current workplace...(may be I am the only one's laughing!!! Hahaha)

Most things happen in front of my eyes..Sometimes I do not understand the head or tail of the situation, but I am somewhat being pulled to be involved and give my opinion.. (and how could I give my personal, honest and best opinion if I dunno wat's goin' on??). Funny how things are sometimes... Mahathir keluar UMNO dan implikasi ke atas kepimpinan Pak Lah.. Even though noone's opting out here, the leadership of this company is at stake.. very much at stake..

I personally feel that the ship lacks of unity amongst its people. Everybody's too busy maximizing what they can get out of the situation...and some are too busy to notice what's going on...either too dumb or indifference and could'nt be bothered. I am not blaming the latter as (I am one of them!) eventhough if they care and tried to do something about it, noone would listen. by the end of the day, you are back to square 1!! + Frustrated!!

The main character to pull everyone in one direction seems to be occupied with other things with no strategic plan to play the game.. And even though his spot is shaky, yet he has no plan to improve the situation.

Quoting Liza n d gang : 'Apa yang penting - KeRjASaMa!!!


(This was actually written on May 23rd.. I tot I would want to prolong this piece of writing but... save it till laterla.. hehehe)


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