Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Journey

I survived my 2 weeks in Warwick!! I did it!! I survived the presentations!! I tot that I would never make it - even if I made it, I was pretty sure that badly! But now looking back at how things were, it was not bad at all! It was tough! Bearing UPM's name is not easy especially in the foreign land! Their expectation was extremely high of me as a representative of UPM. The least I could do is to act intelligent, right?

The first few days were definitely challenging! And I realised that my salvation and strengths - I owe it to Allah. I was down and it was so hard to cope but I stood up bravely to the challenge and Allah helped me as he always does. The first few days I can pray. Once boleh solat, I could feel that I felt stronger. Teringat kisah Nabi Muhammad SAW ketika peristiwa Israk & Mikraj, di mana baginda melalui pengembaraan yang istimewa. Tahun tersebut juga merupakan tahun dukacita dengan kewafatan Khatijah r.a. dan kekalahan dalam perang. Dalam peristiwa ini jugalah solat diwajibkan ke atas umat Nabi Muhammad SAW. Dan solat itu sebenarnya merupakan hadiah bagi kita untuk memohon dan mengadu kepada Allah SWT kerana hanya kepada Dialah kita berserah. I felt the truth to this.. Setiap tengahari, walaupun berjalan untuk balik ke bilik (dalam 15 minit) untuk bersolat merupakan something that I looked forward to everyday..and that's how I survived.. Allah berikan rahmatNya dengan memberikanku kekuatan yang kuperlukan.. Allhamdulillah.. Terima kasih tuhan...

This trip, if it did not make me a better person, it does at least give me a new perspective on my relations with Allah. It was wierd.. I was alone but I never really felt lonely.. I know Allah gave me the strengths, the intelligence, the guts so that I was able to face this!! He gave me the ability to adapt and adopt to survive in any situation.. Terasa diri sungguh kecil dan walau tak punya apa-apa, I am ok because He's with me...all the time..

Sepanjang perjalanan ini memang dipermudahkan olehNya.. sedari awal lagi.. Sayang betul Allah pada aku sebenarnya..ingat lagi bila nak ke Warwick Castle, bas tak datang2, pemandu bas la yang suggest pergi ke Leaminton dulu kemudian ambil bas lain ke Warwick. Dia jugalah yang belikan one day ticket kerana kalau tidak, tambang tersebut akan lebih mahal. I found my way to Warwick Castle, had a great time and met lovely people. Met some Malaysian and of course depa tengok pelik agaknya sebab sorang-sorang jer but I didnt give a damn!! I had fun - exploring new place, lots of things to see with my own eyes cos before this, I saw all of these on TV!! Bersyukur betul ada mata yang boleh melihat and enjoy His greatness!!

Funny thing also happened, got on the bus with the same driver from Leamington to Warwick Uni.. haha.. The day before (Friday), I met a few Malaysian students in the Prayer Hall in the Chaplaincy.. ehh to be continued la.. time's running out huhu


At September 12, 2008 at 12:24 AM , Blogger goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

At September 12, 2008 at 12:30 AM , Blogger 小喬 said...

I like your blog is pretty good!

At September 23, 2008 at 7:05 PM , Blogger MieNAT said...

Thanks goooood girl!! Heehe not sure wat part is good though!!

The blog is developed with a help of a dear friend. What I did just writing it which I promised myself to do it regularly but then again..i keep failing myself hehehe

At November 28, 2008 at 11:11 PM , Blogger Rohana Idris said...

Mie..ko pegi UK! jeles!I didn't get to go anywhere..pegi KL pun setahun sekali..apatah lagi negeri orang am so glad with everything turned up for you. Especially touched by the part where u were alone and only ALLAH accompanied you..touching,sad but inspiring..rasa nak nangis!


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