Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life's sometimes plays a funny game on me. But I am fine with it. Too many things that I should be thankful for instead of complaining things which I don't have. Tapi kekadang confuse jugak..

I am currently at MOSTI. Yesterday, Boss and I went for a briefing from Pengurusan. In the end the discussion was about me. They didnt even know where to put me. And I am not sure if they have forwarded my letter to SPA.. for me to be officially appointed! And my time here is up till end of December. I'll go back to UPM in January if no letter is out for me from SPA. I understand the situation here. I fully comprehend that as much as she feels that she needs me, I am not that welcome by the rest of the population. But I am fine with it. It doesnt bother me a bit!

But so far, what I see is totally not what I expected! Her job is not that tough (so far!) nor that much. She would have time to do her other thgs in comparison to back in the uni. This is due to the ppl of whom she could delegate it to. So it got me to thinking that what am I doing here? The language is a bit different for me to swallow. I cant see any project or anythg that requires my contribution or that anythg worth my time being here. I seriuosly do not know if she really needs me here in the fisrt place. I am no longer sure of the kind of exposure / learning skills that I expect to gain during my tenure here. I am not sure if I'd be useful in this office or if I could develop and acquire skills or even to be a better me by being here. So if SPA's letter doesnt come, it probably is a blessing in disguise. But how long do I have to wait? New boss at old place is already appointed and will come in next week. I have packed my things in the old office but not sure wat to do with them - whr to bring them!!

For sure, I miss UPM! As much as I try to act cool about it, I know that I am not ready to leave it but then again.. life goes on.. huhuhu


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